March 15, 2020 by guidj

We are in the middle of a viral outbreak. There are many things that we’re learning as we go along about this new corona virus. In the meantime, health organizations from around the world are scrambling to learn as much as they can from the cases that are known about.

In Stockholm, where I live, the number of cases has been growing over the past two weeks. During this time, I have found many tools and dashboards that have been created to track the number of total infections.

Personally, I am interested in understanding how the rate of new cases is progressing, day-by-day. I couldn’t find a source online, so I created one:

On the site, I have a visualizations to monitor:

  • The total number of cases and rate of new cases worldwide
  • The number of new cases and rate of new cases per day in specific regions

If you’re interested in the rate of the viral infection, head on over there to check it out.