Machine Learning needs a Protocol

March 12, 2021

The internet uses a protocol - it’s called http. A protocol, in this sense, is an agreement. It allows any party, wishing to partake in an exchange, to have a clear expectation of how to do things. For the internet, it tells interested parties how to communicate, to send and receive data. It has occurred to me that machine learning currently lacks a protocol. Instead, we have frameworks, which implement protocols defined by the people that have implemented the frameworks. ... Read more

Concept Drift: Notes for the practicioner

October 20, 2018

In this article, I share notes on handling concept drift for machine learning models. Introduction Concept drift occurs in an online supervised learning setting, when the relationship between the input data X and output data y is altered to the extent that a model mapping X to y can no longer do so with the same efficacy. In online supervised learning, there are three types of drift that can occur: (1) feature drift, i. ... Read more