These Past Weeks in Science & Tech - 002

May 2, 2017

In this May’s edition of “These Past Weeks in Science & Tech”, I’ll be discussing /R Biological Data Stores Our bodies are walking a library of information. From chemical processes that regulate our biological functions, to experiences imprinted in our minds through exeprience, our cells somehow manage to store, access, and use information. So, it is no surpise that we should turn to biology to find the next generation of storage. ... Read more

Distill: Clearing Research Debt

April 8, 2017

Recently, I was refered to a website called Distill, by a friend. Their purpose for existing, as they claim, is to reduce research debt. A phenomenon that occurs when there is so much work that has been done before in a field, and is hidden behind complicated explanations that could be rather simplified, thus slowing down scientific progress by demanding a high amount of energy from researchers in understanding previous work. ... Read more

These Past Weeks in Science & Tech - 001

April 2, 2017

I tend to read quite a bit. I read journals, blogs, and sites on technology, AI, learning (with and without machines), and technology. These include renowed ones, like ACM Tech News, MIT News and Technology Review, and aleatory ones that I find on the web through platforms like Medium. As someone who enjoys reading, and writing, I figured I could use summary notes on the things I learn about. And so, I decided to do that on this blog. ... Read more